Beautiful Holland

Beautiful Holland

For the traveller who plans to go to Europe or the homesick emigrant who likes to revisit his roots

- Traveltips, recipes, traditional songs and more-

Visit the well-known and the undiscovered The Netherlands

Amsterdam, windmills, tulips, Rembrandt......all well known abroad but The Netherlands have many hidden treasures. Have you ever heard of Limburg, hunebedden, live Romans in the Archeon?

This website is meant to give great ideas for a trip to the Netherlands. But it is still under construction. So be patient, the content will grow. But in the meantime, if you have a nice hotel you want to tell the world about. Do you have a nice suggestion of a place which tourist should not miss, mail us on

Trips and Tips

1) Amsterdam: "sin city" and culture

2 days Click here ...

2) Groningen and Drenthe: history, sport and nature

1 week Click here ...

Dutch cuisine

Dutch songs

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